valve_portal_logoHave you played the Valve Portal game ? It was the most different and probably the best after HalfLife2 . After completing Valve Portal, I to recorded my gameplay videos. It was difficult to determine how to play when recording. A level can be played in more than one ways. I tried to be a bit slow on the game and give the viewer a chance to enjoy the videos. Here are mode videos others are yet to be uploaded. And i also think some needs re record, as some of the gameplay looks clumsy. I will post the game play 5 videos a page. Below menu will be updated with new posted videos.

Yet another set of 5 videos. This post contains TestChamber 10 to 14

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TestChamber 10

This level is a good one and teaches you how forward momenterm can be transferred in different direction preserving the magnitude. The lessons learnt from this level will the the most useful in future.

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TestChamber 11

The wait for the power platform was too long, but at last this level gets the Orange portal device, and now you have the full control of placing portals as you wish.

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TestChamber 12

A good challenging level, has both the weighted companion cube and a scope to apply the forward momenterm transfer lesson learnt from the previous level.

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TestChamber 13a

Interesting level. This video shows how to solve this with the provided two weighted companion cube. Note that you need to place the weighted companion cube on the left hand side platform first. Placing the weighted companion cube on the right hand side platform with, that is the one with the lesser height, will obstruct the path of the energy sphere, and you cannot make it enter into the receiver.

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TestChamber 13b

This one is an alternative of the same level 13 with using only one weighted companion cube.

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TestChamber 14

Just need to place a portal above the receiver and going to the chamber with the energy sphere and feed it into the receiver through the portal first and then send yourself through the portal as shortcut.

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7 thoughts on “Valve Portal Gameplay Video : TestChamber 10 to 14

  1. Hi Phoxis, I have never played this game, but it looks interesting. I think I would probably get lost and end up shooting holes everywhere.

  2. I might try, I’m sure I wont be good at it…the last game I played was Mario Galaxy. –You dont shoot anything but walls do you? =)

    1. ya there is no one to shoot. But some levels have automatic firing turrets, but even you don’t have to shoot them, just have to use the blue and red portals to get the levels passed. And you have these videos as reference you can have a look whenever you like!

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