Rockbox in iPod Video 5G

For a long time I am using the Rockbox OS in my Apple iPod Nano 1G as the primary OS, which also has iPodlinux, and ofcourse the Apple OS installed. You can find the step-by-step guide how I made this stuff here : Triple Boot Your iPod. Yesterday my brother asked me if there are other options for his iPod Video 5G, and can it be dual booted just like a computer. Because what he wants is operational iPod, i stroke iPodLinux out of the list, as has a lot of problems (sorry for that). Rockbox is the primary choice which gives tons of features and good performance. I sat down and started to follow my own guide, three causes: [1] Wanted to make sure nothing goes wrong, [2] Wanted to see if the guide I wrote is really a helpful one, [3] It is still thrilling. Although there is no need to manually install Rockbox as they now supply auto installers, but installing manually although needs some time and might need some responsibility, but with auto install the thrill factor is over. I should not comment about the Rockbox auto installer, as I haven’t used the installer or enough time, but it is pretty good and worked flawlessly. I would encourage you to use Rockbox auto installer, they provide a GUI and options and choices of softwares and very easy click-click install interface. Therefore for non-commandline guys the Rockbox autoinstaller is recommended. You can get it here:
I am re-writing only the Rockbox installation process, probably this would be a bit easier to read than the previous guide, for the people who wants to avoid installing iPodLinux.
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Triple Boot Your iPod

iPod Linux is an operating system for Apple iPod. Like any other Linux operating systems, it is free, and open source. A lot of modules, are available,a lot of user interfaces, i.e the podzilla are available for selection. Currently it supports most of the iPod generations, except the newest ones. Rockbox is another OS, free and open source. iPodlinux is in the development phase, so a lot of things lacks, like the music has problems. Rockbox has good stable releases, with has very good feedbacks, and no problems to use. Both of them keeps developing, and a good future of iPod’s optional OSes can be seen, which make good utilizations of the hardware, and can cross the limitations which the Apple OS enforces. In this guide we will manually install iPodLinux and Rockbox along with the inbuilt Apple OS in an iPod Nano 1G using the latest iPodLinux Kernel and all. So get going and continue reading the whole article and triple boot your ipod.
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