Using stats API

gimp_logoLong ago I posted about the stats API. Stats API. stores your blog’s raw visit stats which is available via your API key and the blog URL. Basically these stats are used to show the stats you see in your dashboard.


The older dashboard did not have much visualisations of the stats, but the new dashboard has introduced some more ways to see how your blog is doing. When I posted Stats API, there was absolutely no trace or documentation about the API. It seemed that even the guys in was not well aware about if such an API existed :D . (Check the post to know why).

At the previous post I just provided some guides on how to fetch the data. Recently I planned to write a quick implementation to fetch the stats from and therefore I am going to share the script. This is a quick and dirty implementation to demonstrate the stuff. I have also made a few processing on the incoming data and made a few plots. Most of which might not (will not) make much sense (especially the box plots), but it’s just for the baseline. Let’s proceed with the code. Continue reading “Using stats API”


Finding qth real root of a real number

In this post we will see how to find nth roots of a positive real number. We will use the Newton-Raphson method to deduce an iterative formula, and see its convergence.

The task is to find the real qth root of a real number. Let there be a non-negative real number C, of which the real qth root is to be found. Let the square root of C be x. We represent this with x=\sqrt[q]{C} .

\Rightarrow x^{q}=C
\Rightarrow x^{q}-C=0

So we are now to find the roots of the qth order function f(x)=x^{q}-C

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Counting Rectangles in an n X m Checked Board

We have a checked board like a chess board, but instead of 8 x 8 it has a dimension of n x m . The task is to count the number of rectangles of all possible dimensions i x j in that checked board. Also the question arises how many squares of all possible dimensions are there. We will solve this problem by establishing formulas by construction. After this we can calculate the number of rectangles and squares of a Chess Board or any other such checked board.

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Make a website block virus

We will make a “virus” which will block orkut, facebook, google, gmail, twitter and some others in Microsoft Windows systems. This is a very easy to code and effective one, and very good to play prank with friends. But before anything you do, please note that I will NOT be liable for any kind of damage done to any computer system or any other physical or intellectual property. You and only you are liable for everything. Sorry for the message, but i personally do not think such things will happen. To make sure such things do not happen, do not apply this to any man who does important works with the sites which are blocked and whoever you apply this upon, remember to unblock the sites shortly. The antidote is also supplied with this post.

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