Talking About Google Buzz

google_buzz_logoI logged into my Gmail account and instead of landing in my Gmail Inbox page I landed in a some other page talking about something called Google Buzz. . A quick glance told that it is a new service of Google which integrates itself in Gmail and has social networking features. Google has started rolling this service gradually to the Gmail users. On the left hand side column the new Google Buzz link with a typical Google type logo indicates that it is integrated in my Gmail account. So what’s buzzing in the Buzz?
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Unmute Muted Google Buzz

I just started using Google Buzz after noticing the tag on the left side of my Gmail account. I read what is it about and started to use it. When testing the features, I ended up selecting the “Mute this post” option from the corner drop down menu of a Buzz. And it was gone, from by Buzz update list. Reading the help said that muting a Buzz would not show any more in your Buzz list / inbox when some comments or updates are there on that Buzz, that is, the Buzz has new comments it will not appear in upstream on the top of the list. While you are reading the ‘m’ shortcut could also make a post to mute. A short Googling dropped me in Google Forums and i got this link . I read that Muted Buzzes could not yet be searched.
Playing around with Buzz lead me to a simple solution which i posted on that thread and also presenting below.
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