valve_portal_logoHave you played the Valve Portal game ? It was the most different and probably the best after HalfLife2 . After completing Valve Portal, I to recorded my gameplay videos. It was difficult to determine how to play when recording. A level can be played in more than one ways. I tried to be a bit slow on the game and give the viewer a chance to enjoy the videos. I am able to upload some videos and some are yet to be uploaded. And i also think some needs re record, as some of the gameplay looks clumsy. I will post the game play 5 videos a page. Below menu will be updated with new posted videos.

This post contains TestChamber 00 to 04

Video Index

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TestChamber 00

This chamber is to simply introduce you with the portal and has actually no challenge.

TestChamber 01

A mind boggler for the beginners. Gives a good idea of how the portal works.

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TestChamber 02

You get the blue portal gun here

Video Menu

TestChamber 03

First obstacle challenge, but very easy.

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TestChamber 04

Teaches how to use the Weighted Companion Cube with button to overcome obstacles.

Video Menu

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