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  1. the UNIX commands are good enough to learn easily and hopefully extremely helpful in our practical exams

  2. Hi Arjun,
    Thanks for linking my blog. I really like your site especially the step by step tutorials on Gimp. They are very helpful. And the programming stuff you are very knowledgeable about! I admire people who know how do that. :)

    1. Ya i added it earlier, your art is different and i really like them. It was very good to know you liked my blog. As soon as i make some good graphics with GIMP it will be here. You can also try http://www.gimp.wisdomplug.com/ also in my blog list. This contains assorted GIMP tutorials, they would be very helpful for you.

  3. Congrats on getting your masters (or being in the process of doing so). That’s tough work! Thanks for following my blog! I like yours. I’ve always wanted to go to India..

    1. Thanks! Last semester now!
      I discovered your blog from freshly pressed, I like your writing style and would like to read more of your writings. And I can see you have a fantastic community down there in your blog :)
      My this blog is in a bit trouble, starving, as I can’t make out enough time for get some good article. I’m working on a new (in-testing-phase) casual blog to make general, casual non-tech posts (posts for humans) :)
      What about you in India in next summer? If you are here, do visit Kolkata :)!
      Thanks for visiting!

      1. Sometimes the best posts are the casual ones. I used to limit myself to only writing about my experiences in Canada, but now I write about whatever comes to mind and it feels much better and more free. I would love to come to India..I’ll definitely let you know if I ever make it there! Thanks again!

    1. At present, I truly think that there (probably) isn’t any other blog out there which has richer content and resource about blogging tips and wordpress than yours.

      These days I am cannot find much time to update the blog, blog-surfing and forum support, and it has become somewhat inactive. I expect the workflow and casual tags will help things get better. :)

      Thank you very much for stopping by commenting and following.

      (And Oh, there is another blog for crap stuff (link on the top menu)!)

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