I was almost at the end of my 2nd half of the Physics Practical final examination, when a guy came to start his 2nd half, and asked me : “Is this the Bridge Rectifier?” , I told “yes”. Next question “Do you know how to do it?” I told “yes” , he replied “Please tell me how to do it” . I informed him that I was busy with my one and could not provide any help at that moment. Minutes passed by, the teacher came and tried to guide the guy through the practical. The teacher almost did everything of the practical and instructed how to do it. I was not paying attention much but the real story started when I went to sign my copy.

The student took readings with the filter and now would be taking reading without the filer as instructed by the teacher, I came into scene at this time and the following happens. I am translating and providing the conversation and the things which happened.

Teacher : “Okay, now open the filter”
Guy : Hesitates, trembles attempts to disassemble the circuit
Teacher : “What are you doing! Don’t you even know which is the filter? Tell me which is the filter.”
Guy : “Uh, Wh-Which one?”
Teacher : “This is the filter” , in a rude tone pointing at the capacitor. “Now open it and connect the resistance”
Guy : Disconnects the filter, and attempts to connect the resistance, fails
Teacher : “Okay tie this wire to this terminal and that one to that” , pointing to the resistance terminals.
Guy : Connects the resistance.
Teacher : “Okay now put the voltmeter on your circuit and take the readings”
Guy : “Madam, this is not a volt meter” in a confident tone
Teacher : “Then what’s it?”
Guy : “A Digital Multimeter”
Teacher : “So isn’t a multimeter also a voltmeter when put in the correct mode?” , and shows the multimeter modes
Teacher : “Okay now put the multimeter on your circuit and take the readings, fast” (Original : নাও! এবার মালটিমিটার টা সার্কিটে চাপাও! তাড়াতাড়ি।)
Guy : Hesitates, sweats, shivers
Teacher : “Now what, come on put the multimeter on your circuit and take the readings! what’s the matter”

After this I could not believe my eyes

Guy : He put the multimeter physically on the circuit board, and stared at the teacher.
Teacher : “What are you doing! Nonsense, don’t you have the least idea? Move it off connect this terminal to that and that one to that!”
Guy : Removes the multimeter and does as the teacher says.

I had to go away to avoid bursting in laughter in the exam hall. When I came back, the teacher was gone and the guy was supposed to take the readings. Now the second part started.

Guy : “How to take the readings friend?” asks me.
Me : “As you did with the filter.”
Guy : “Same?”
Me : “Yes same.”
Guy : After a while takes out a small paper from pocket with the voltage regulation graph drawn and some readings and theory written.

I was shocked what the guy asked next.

Guy : Shows me the piece of crumpled paper. “Here, i have this …. now what to do with this.” (Original : বন্ধু, এই যে এটা আছে, এবার কি করবো?)
Me : Stunned could not speak for a moment, and thought that this extraordinary guy does not know what to do with the smuggled chits (চোতা) in exam hall!

I did not know what happened with that chap. I signed the copy, and went home. This was really an extra ordinary experience.


10 thoughts on “Hilarious Physics Practical

  1. funny. probably the guy is in physics lab 1st time.
    one thing …. what is the problem with bengali fonts? why did they collide with each other , making things illegible.
    Is wordpress as bad as gmail chat client in handling bengali fonts?

    1. Actually its not about wordpress its about the browser, the bengali fonts are perfectly visible here at my end (tested in two computers). I have used avro keyboard to type in the bengali scripts.
      Yes, a lot of people attend their first physics practical class first time in the lab (like me). But it was too much fun at that time.

      1. yeah. You are right. I checked in mozilla firefox and it showed perfect. google chrome have more to develop.

        However you should have write তাড়াতাড়ি instead of তারাতারি . :-)

        1. Corrected the spelling. Have not tested with chrome, and ofcource chrome has a lot more to develop. I have deleted your last two comments, and corrected the first comment for you.

        2. @Barshan : You should have written “However you should have written” instead of “However you should have write” :D:P

  2. huh huh…I had also a same experience of just one years ago…and that was none other than a student of our department…and I also will not hesitate to tell his name…he was Partho…huh huh..dat was too funny…

    1. Hey Rajdeep, thanks for stopping by my blog.
      I have yet another experience from the 1st year’s Electronics practical with 24 volts applied on 5 volt operating chips!

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