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The articles posted are an attempt to try improving the accuracy and time of the representation of the processing going inside the mind. The draft of a topic comes fast, but the final post gets delayed as the draft goes through a never ending stream of refinements. Mainly I will be posting on the subject I study, some textbook topics and their implementations and some topics on which I have spent some time with. I try to post on topics which are hard to find in the Internet, or whatever is available is not good enough. For a change some casual posts would be added. Recently I have introduced two tags “workflow” and “casual”. I expect myself to post raw stuffs I am working with or experimenting with at the time.

The domain phoxis.org is mapped to the phoxis.wordpress.com blog and so now you can reach this blog with phoxis.org or phoxis.wordpress.com as well. The domain phoxis.co.cc is also related to this site and redirects to this site. phoxis.org phoxis.wordpress.com and phoxis.co.cc are synonymous

I would like to list the services and people who are related to this blog.



Creative Commons LicenseAll works in http://phoxis.org and https://phoxis.wordpress.com are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License, unless explicitly specified.

GPLv3 All the source codes in http://phoxis.org and https://phoxis.wordpress.com are licensed under GPLv3 License unless explicitly specified.


The content posted in this web-blog are opinions and understanding of the author and has nothing to do with the following bodies in any way.

To request permissions beyond these licenses please contact me through the Contact Form .


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