Installing GRUB Bootloader

GRUB is a very common bootloader on GNU+Linux systems. Many people multi boot their computers with Windows, different flavours of GNU+Linux and other operating systems, and some times GRUB gets destroyed/removed accidentally. In those case there is no other way except reinstalling GRUB. Also when making a bootable USB device GRUB is useful. We will talk about how to install GRUB in a partition with the help of the grub-install script which comes with the GRUB package, and also how to manually install GRUB using grub shell.
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Restoring GRUB Bootloader

A lot of times we loose GRUB from the MBR of the hard-disk, for a lot different causes, like file-system damage, Microsoft Windows eating it up and etc. Many people try to reinstall the full GNU+Linux distro as a solution to this. Here is the normal method how you can restore your grub boot-loader into your MBR or in your Partition. Read on.

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Making a Multi Booting CD DVD USB


Everybody likes to use, test and hack with the mini distros, but no one likes to burn a CD for each one because they only takes a small fraction of the CD space resulting in low resource utilization and increases junk. What if we could keep all the distros in one single CD or even keep all the distros in one USB drive and boot the distros directly from there through an interactive menu system ? Yes that’s what we are going to do! We are going to pack 7 mini distros into one CD/DVD or USB ready-to-boot, and can carry them around in our pocket, booting any distro, anywhere, anytime, any place.

In this guide we will show you how to pack 7 distros into one CD, DVD or USB and make it bootable. This guide is written primarily for a CD or DVD, but we have also shown how this can be done with a USB flash drive. We will pack all the below GNU+Linux distros into a CD and USB drive, and make a multi booting multi OS CD/DVD/USB:

  1. PuppyLinux read review >>
  2. GeexBox read review >>
  3. Slitaz
  4. Goblinx (mini)
  5. Austrumi
  6. CDlinux (standard) read review >>
  7. Damn Small Linux (DSL)

So don’t wait, get the job done. Keep on reading.
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