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Respect the ~ files

It has been a long time since a post in this blog. I thought to break this silence with a short post. Several text editors in Linux environment like KWrite and GEdit that will store automatic temporary files ending with … Continue reading

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I couldn’t stop myself from posting this from xkcd, this one is extreme :D

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I had to make this. There are people who give a damn to the standards and follow the stone age Turbo C 3.1 compiler, run programs compiled by it. In the cases for compiler dependent and undefined behaviours, they try … Continue reading

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Hilarious Death Scene Video

I just couldn’t stop myself from posting this video I found last night in youtube. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Just have a look for multiple bursts of gut busting laugh.

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“I Don’t Know”

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Windows dance as Savage Garden Play in Amarok

We just started to play Tears of Pearls by Savage Garden in Amarok just when the windows in KDE environment started to dance with the rhythm, we were stunned and first thought that it was either some feature of Amarok … Continue reading

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Hilarious Physics Practical

I was almost at the end of my 2nd half of the Physics Practical final examination, when a guy came to start his 2nd half, and asked me : “Is this the Bridge Rectifier?” , I told “yes”. Next question … Continue reading

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Code Quality Measurement Unit : WTF / minuite

The only Code Quality Measurement Unit

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It’s Better To Pretend You Don’t Know Anything About Computers

Yes, it is better to pretend that you don’t know anything about computers. If you want to save yourself from some difficult situation. Oh, i know you would look cool and smart, when you tell people that you know a lot about computers, but ask if you have not met me, then click on the below link to read the comic: Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows XP with(out) Firewall

Check out Microsoft Windows XP with Firewall Continue reading

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