Jumble word solver again

I have already posted a jumbled word solver written in C language, although what I posted is actually become old, as I have changed some of the things in the code. I will update the post with this (hope to update!) with the new changes, but before it I would like to post the the same stuff in other languages and with different datastructure. Recently I am learning Perl and brushing up C++, therefore I will post jumble word solver written in C++ and Perl in this post.
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Find a String in an Alphabet Grid

Everybody of us has definitely played the word search game in which a grid of characters are given, and a list of words are given which are to be found in the grid horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In this post i will show a simple solution to a more generalized version of the search which finds the strings in the grid with backtracking.
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