Change Useragent in Firefox

Firefox LogoThere are some websites which require you to visit them using Internet Explorer only, I don’t know why but there are some. My friend had to download an important document from a site which insisted on using Internet Explorer. We both are in Linux, Fedora. Is there a way? Yes there is. The browser version and certain system details are stored in the browser configuration, and this sting is called the useragent string. The information in this string is used to detect what browser you are using. Therefore if we can modify this string such that it looks like we are using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, then we can fool the other end. After doing this the server side will believe that you are using an InternetExplorer browser or any other browser (also a different OS), depending on what the useragent string you are using to override the original.

Instagram does not allow you to upload pictures from desktop/laptop. Using this method you can set the useragent string of your desktop/laptop browser to an andriod or iOS browser and upload pictures to Instagram from your desktop.

What we need to do is simple. Just create a new entry in firefox browser configuration and set the value to appropriate useragent string. So let’s get started with this short and quick guide.
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See what is behind the shortened URLs

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Short URLs are all over the web with many URL shortning services, like , , and even the blogging service has their own URL shortening service for the blog posts : This is a very convenient feature and best suitable for social networking, by keeping messages short and cleaning the mess of long URL’s. This comes with a cost. You cannot know what is the final destination of the shortened URL, where it will take your after resolving. It can be a malicious site with scripts running behind which can do damage to the system or anything. But until today i did not think it was necessary. I just got a scrap in Orkut containing a shortened URL which was suspicious as it was sent to 246 people. I wanted to see what’s behind it without clicking it.
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Enable Select-to-Copy MiddleClick-to-Paste in Windows Firefox

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Those who have used GNU+Linux know the very useful select-to-copy and middle-click-to-paste feature, which has grown to a habit. This feature is very much used when browsing. We just select a string and middle-click paste it into the search-bar, or somewhere else. Microsoft Windows do not support this feature. But the good news is this select-to-copy and middle-click-to-paste feature can be enabled in Firefox under Microsoft Windows. Read the following simple guide to know how to unlock the Windows Firefox select-to-copy and middle-click-to-paste feature.

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