Check out Microsoft Windows XP with(out) Firewall !!

Miicrosoft Windows XP with Firewall
Miicrosoft Windows XP with Firewall



21 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows XP with(out) Firewall

    1. The home should be a better one, which has freedom, and where your dog does not command you, or the home owner could come anytime and do anything, or send some one through the backdoor.

    1. You don’t need to be smart to use GNU+Linux, you would use as if it was the current OS you are using. Why don’t you try Ubuntu or Mandriva? Just test it.

  1. perhaps, but installing would be difficult, and do some programs not work, and require a partition or something?

    1. You can still try out LiveCD, which will boot directly from the CD, and doesnot need installation. Also remember the windows programs will not work natively in GNU+Linux. But you can always find a replacement application for it.

    1. I am happy i switched to GNU+Linux, more precisely, Fedora, and running without problems. Except when some times i get the mood to play HL2 the fps is low. But i think in near future these gaming problems will start to get solved.

  2. Freedom to change and improve the software, right?
    ~to a non-programmer like myself that freedom would be sadly underutilized. It is a good thing though. =)

    1. There are total of four essential freedoms. Read them here:
      As a non programmer you could practice the freedom 0 and freedom 2 . And let the other programmer guys practice the freedom 1 and freedom 3 . By freedom 0 and freedom 2 you can distribute a software freely, and run that software without any restrictions. Which is not allowed in proprietary software license.

    1. If you lived near me, then i would definitely do it. I have already installed GNU+Linux Oses in a lot of my friends house. And many of them are using them without trouble. If i get into your place any day i will be with and installation DVD, so be ready :D

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