"I Don't Know" Comic

Sorry for the non-bengali people.

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Okay, i am adding a translation of the above. Actually it is difficult to translate. Still i am trying to make a description.

There are two persons, one is named “Opor Chalak” (ওপর চালাক) which means a person who seems to be very cunning from the outside, and another person names “Omita” (অমিতা) .
“Opor Chalak” asks “Omita” that if she knows to translate from English to Bengali.
“Opor Chalak” asks “Omita” what is the translation of “I don’t know” in Bengali. Now naturally when translated into Bengali it will retain the same meaning which is আমি জানি না (Ami Jani Na). “Omita” understands that “Oporchalak” wants to trick her by making her speak “I don’t now” in bengali (box 2). But “Omita” tells the translation of “I know everything” in Bengali instead, which is আমি সব জানি (Ami shob jani) in box no 3 . “Opor Chalak” tells that it was wrong and “Omita” asks what is the correct translation (box 4). “Opor Chalak” tells the correct translation of “I don’t know” in Bengali which is আমি জানি না (Ami Jani Na). In box 5 “Omita” says to “Oporchalak” “When you don’t know the meaning of “I don’t know” then learn it “I don’t know” means আমি সব জানি (I know everything)”.

Hope non-Bengali speaking people can enjoy the cartoon better now.
আশা করি বাকিদের ও এই কার্টুন টি ভাল লাগবে।


09.08.2010 : English description added by phoxis


7 thoughts on ““I Don’t Know”

    1. I have added a description of the comic to help understand it by the English people, probably you will have ease to understand the comic now.
      And did you notice the both the comic and the posts are not by me, it’s by a friend of mine.
      You will really like the Bengali scripts when you will have a look at a Bengali news paper.

    1. @amrita: Bhaloi to likhecheche….. tumi aage erokom ekta likhe dekhao tarpore comment korbe….. well done phoxis….

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