I just started using Google Buzz after noticing the tag on the left side of my Gmail account. I read what is it about and started to use it. When testing the features, I ended up selecting the “Mute this post” option from the corner drop down menu of a Buzz. And it was gone, from by Buzz update list. Reading the help said that muting a Buzz would not show any more in your Buzz list / inbox when some comments or updates are there on that Buzz, that is, the Buzz has new comments it will not appear in upstream on the top of the list. While you are reading the ‘m’ shortcut could also make a post to mute. A short Googling dropped me in Google Forums and i got this link . I read that Muted Buzzes could not yet be searched.
Playing around with Buzz lead me to a simple solution which i posted on that thread and also presenting below.

  • Click on the GMail’s Inbox.
  • When in the Inbox, type in label:muted in the GMail search bar on the top, and you would see the Muted Buzzes.

    Search Inbox with label:muted
  • Now simply click on the right side top arrow, and select “Unmute this post” drop down, and you are done.

    Click Unmute
    Click 'Unmute this post'

So it is simply labeled with “muted” tag, and naturally you can also view all your Buzzes, be it muted or unmuted or any mails from the “All Mail” label (under more).
After you mute a Buzz, it might take some time to appear in your Inbox search results, so if the muted buzzes do not show in the Inbox search results just after you have muted it, just wait and allow some time before searching again.

Yet another process is to view all Buzzes, and unmute a Buzz from the listed. For example I muted a Buzz of my friend Saikat Mukherjee. Now to unmute it.

  • Click on the person’s name from any other Buzz to see all his Buzzes. This will also list the Buzzes including the Muted ones.

  • Then simply Unmute the Muted Buzz (It will be labeled Muted) from the Right hand side drop down menu.

There are some issues i have noticed with Muted Buzzes. The Muted Buzzes which are synchronized with Twitter or other, sites, does not have any Muted label on them. So you cannot find them searching for the “muted” label. You can Unmute them with latter process, by viewing all Buzzes from that person and then Unmuting the Buzz.. Because the Muted Buzz will not contain any Muted label it is difficult to find visually.


6 thoughts on “Unmute Muted Google Buzz

    1. Actually when you search in the Buzz page you search all the public buzzes from all other people. So if you need to find only your Buzzes sent to you of which you have sent, they stay in your All Mails (Inbox + Sent Mail + Other tags) and searching in your mail box will fetch the Buzzes related to you.

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