The new upcoming nextgen operation system, with some astonishing and revolutionary features, crossing the limits of the all the current computer operating system. Get introduced to Charmelon OS: “Our Innovation, Your Passion”

This is actually not a review but a preview of an OS, under development, with the next generation concept of computing.
I got introduced with Jacob Daniels (xrter), one of the developers of Puppy Linux in the #puppylinux IRC FreeNode Channel. I knew about Chameleon OS from him, which he was developing. Though no releases are available now, the features and the concept of the OS I think should really attract everyone out there. In a private email Jacob let me know about the major ideas of the OS. So I will stop writing here and quote the whole email beneath.

Subject: New ground breaking OS
Hello and greetings Phoxis!!
I’m Writing this to let you know of this brand new Operating system that will be totally ground breaking, paradigm shifting , rule breaking and will totally revolutionize the way we use a computer as we know it! Think of it.., you will no longer need to choose between windows and apple OS X(based on UnixLinux) or the small guy’s OS Solaris which is mainly used for huge corporate data centres and data terminals Think of it this way you take a installation cd-rom or dvd-rom and just place it or insert it into the drive tray and it would JUST WORK!!! no emulation or virtualization needed the installation or setup program would launch and operate normally as it would as if it were running from that operating system setup natively…in other words just like that operating system was the only (primary) os on the system.
One interesting feature of the OS I want to tell people about is, is will have accurate hands free voice recognition capabilities which means you will say “open internet” “google” or “search for movie listings” and the task will be completed with out any hassle.
Other features will include: Unique crash recovery where if your computers enters a error either from programming error or hardware malfunction, a window will open with a live chat dialog with a technician to troubleshoot your issue you are having at that moment and no worries the file you were working will be automatically saved to a safe storage area on the system and,the error message will be simple and easy to understand, no more hard to comprehend error codes that only a “advanced, expert programmer” would be able to understand…

it would like this for example:

Sorry it looks like your computer has run into a problem and I’m trying to resolve it… you may click the chat with tech support at any time to connect with a technician… thank you for using charmelon!
wouldn’t that be much easier?
finally the last main feature will be “continuous” file back and recovery similar to apple’s time machine feature in the latest version of OSX but more through and advanced… taking snapshots of every single file and setting both personal and system wide either hourly,daily or min by min if your work on important documents ,graphics or whatever you choose to do. To get a grasp of this unique system will be developed, i will tell you this:

This OS will either be built upon a version of Linux that is fast and has a small footprint , for example darn small Linux, Puppy Linux or will be totally built from scratch with no used “non – unique” code if we choose to elect the second course of action, the development time will be about from five to ten years so, I need your readers input on which Linux Flavour they like best what features they liked and enjoyed to get a over all sense of what they want in a Operating System.

OK, I also need to tell everyone that we have the URGENT NEED For c++ GPL open source programmers(coders) and graphics artists that completely agree with the “free -software” ideology. We also need seed capital (funding or some type of monetary contribution) for our organizational firm or (company flag), Kydne Systems which all staffers will be under and employed by.

and as for our marketing plan, with the pro version, we plan to offer one year unlimited tech support for about eighty USD a year
this will include any “break-downs” of the operating system it self and the hard ware included
3rd party software support will be a additional per issue charge
which is to be announced

Thank you for your time and effort Phoxis I hope to see you on IRC again soon
May your god richly bless you in all your efforts!

Have good day!

Sincerly, Jacob D, Founder Kydne Systems corp.

From the above email you can get the concept of the OS, and the current needs, which are developers. So if you want to join just comment here, or join the Charmelon FreeNode IRC: #charmelon, and ping xrter. Also visit the website of this amazing OS:
You will find some more information and features about Charmelon OS on the site. And don’t forget to bookmarkit and visit regularly to check out the updates.

So … let’s wait for the Charmelon to arrive!


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