A new teacher was taking her first class. She was skimming through the points of Software Engineering. When discussing about software cost she told that Software is costly. One student suggested and told that, what about Free Software. She corrected him by telling that the software we use are Pirated and distributed in “Copywrited” discs and illegal , so we do not have to pay for these, and thus it is Free. Students got confused. Another guy asked , if the software is in a “Copyrighted” disc then why it is illegal. Then she tried to describe that what is original software and a licence is provided with it. After some more confusion a student ultimately asked — “What is Copyright” . The answer from the teacher was something like this when translated: “After a legal original software copy is bought, we copy it and write it in a CD , and so we call that a “Copywrited” software which is distributed for “Free” .”

Note: When reading please note the “Copywrite” and “Copyright” spelling


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