WordPress.com Stats API

gimp_logoWordPress.com has a very nice stat plugin showing the overall post views data and also post by post, but it would be always great if there was more. A lot of people talk about introducing Google Analytics. A lot of people save the data offline by copying the summary tables into files to save the site data. I had an idea to process the data of my site a bit differently and find trends in the data. I thought except copy-pasting the site summary data, there should be a cleaner manner to store the data. First I made a brief Google search, then made a wordpress.com forums thread. Then i had a short chat with Mark in wordpress.com freenode IRC and was redirected to wp.com email support. The first result came from email support telling that there is no data export feature. But another email followed to correct the previous one which told about the wordpress.com stats API with which you can get your wordpress.com site’s stats data in CSV or XML format.
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Rockbox in iPod Video 5G

For a long time I am using the Rockbox OS in my Apple iPod Nano 1G as the primary OS, which also has iPodlinux, and ofcourse the Apple OS installed. You can find the step-by-step guide how I made this stuff here : Triple Boot Your iPod. Yesterday my brother asked me if there are other options for his iPod Video 5G, and can it be dual booted just like a computer. Because what he wants is operational iPod, i stroke iPodLinux out of the list, as has a lot of problems (sorry for that). Rockbox is the primary choice which gives tons of features and good performance. I sat down and started to follow my own guide, three causes: [1] Wanted to make sure nothing goes wrong, [2] Wanted to see if the guide I wrote is really a helpful one, [3] It is still thrilling. Although there is no need to manually install Rockbox as they now supply auto installers, but installing manually although needs some time and might need some responsibility, but with auto install the thrill factor is over. I should not comment about the Rockbox auto installer, as I haven’t used the installer or enough time, but it is pretty good and worked flawlessly. I would encourage you to use Rockbox auto installer, they provide a GUI and options and choices of softwares and very easy click-click install interface. Therefore for non-commandline guys the Rockbox autoinstaller is recommended. You can get it here: http://www.rockbox.org/download/
I am re-writing only the Rockbox installation process, probably this would be a bit easier to read than the previous guide, for the people who wants to avoid installing iPodLinux.
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See what is behind the shortened URLs

Firefox Logo
Short URLs are all over the web with many URL shortning services, like tinyurl.com , bit.ly , tr.im and even the wordpress.com blogging service has their own URL shortening service for the blog posts : wp.me. This is a very convenient feature and best suitable for social networking, by keeping messages short and cleaning the mess of long URL’s. This comes with a cost. You cannot know what is the final destination of the shortened URL, where it will take your after resolving. It can be a malicious site with scripts running behind which can do damage to the system or anything. But until today i did not think it was necessary. I just got a scrap in Orkut containing a shortened URL which was suspicious as it was sent to 246 people. I wanted to see what’s behind it without clicking it.
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WordPress.com IRC Channel

Support is one of the best features in wordpress.com . The official documentation, the email support and the mainly volunteer driven forums make a very strong and fast support system. Except these three there is another support system in wordpress.com which almost no one is aware of. The freenode IRC channel of wordpress.com .

IRC is a text-based chat system that allows millions of people around the world to communicate in real time.

The IRC chat will enables you to communicate with other people in the chat room and get direct support, discuss about topics and a lot more.
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Do Really ALL of us want to Reblog ?

After a huge wave of excellent features and themes from wordpress.com in the last months, wordpress.com included a new feature what they call “Reblogging”. At the fist look i thought it was something like the facebookish “Like” button on the top for bookmarking, or subscribing it in readomattic, or like in StumbleUpon. But it read like this :

If you decide that you want to share the post with your own readers, you can click the “Reblog this post” link and you’ll be taken to the new QuickPress tab on the WordPress.com home page. This will auto-fill a snippet of the post text, a link back to the original post, and a link to the blog. If the post includes any images we’ll also automatically add a thumbnail image to the reblog post. Finally you can add your own comments to the reblog post then select which blog you’d like to post it to (if you have more than one).

I thought okay, wordpress.com is trying to get “social” (were we unsocial or anti-social before?), but i discovered the feature was like this:
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WordPress.com Top 10 Features


WordPress.com is a free web-blogging service which uses WordPress CMS software as their blogging platform. Here are the free blog feature list : http://en.wordpress.com/features/

Before starting a blog in wordpress.com , I tried some CMS softwares offline. I used Joomla, Drupal, Vox, Plone, etc. WordPress CMS matched my exact needs. Self hosting was a tedious task with the work of creating content as well as an extra burden of administration. I decided to go with the free blogging services. I registered with blogger.com and spent some time testing it. Although it is feature rich with allowing editing theme XML, CSS, allowing JavaScript, Flash embeds, but somehow it was not a match for me. At last I finally tried wordpress.com . After starting it felt a bit bad as there was no manual theme customization options which became a habit that time, no free CSS editing, no JavaScript, and had limitations. As time passed, I was getting into wordpress.com the more I discovered the features and adjusted myself, and started to post more content. At last I am now fixed in wordperess.com, and mapped a domain with their domain upgrade feature.

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Re-Enable WordPress.com random blog surfing


Wordpress.com blogs you have Tag and subscribed Blog surfing features with which you can surf your subscribed blogs, and get the update information from the blogs. You can also have the list of Blog of The Day in here http://botd.wordpress.com/ . There seems to be no random blog surfing, and blog hopping and just hovering over different blogs in wordpress.com at this time. Earlier WordPress.com had a Next Blog link on the admin bar on the top, when you are logged in into your wordpress.com account, (http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2006/02/08/blogs-where-to-next/). But it was removed. But although the link was taken out, the feature is still there. This post will describe how to re-enable the Next Blog feature, and let you visit blogs randomly .

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What are ID3 Tags all about?


When you play a music file in your favourite music player, or in your portable media player the track name, album, artist, lyrics gets displayed. You can search the songs with artists, album names. Even some of the tracks come with album art too, but there is no image file anywhere. The question generally arises, where does these information come from? The answer is straight forward; this metadata about the audio track is stored inside the audio file itself. The different audio files need different codecs. Different audio format files also have different such metadata systems. For example The Vorbis comments, APE tag, ID3 tags etc.

The most common and popular audio media (although not the best) is the mp3 . Mp3 audio format stores this metadata inside the music file, either at the beginning or at the end or at both locations. The music metadata system used with mp3 is called an ID3 Tag.
We will rip off the ID3 tag and check out what’s inside it in this article. We will discuss about ID3v1.x and ID3v2.x tags.

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A Clean Wallpaper with GIMP

a card

Yesterday was the birthday of a friend of mine. I realised that there was nothing to give her as a birthday gift, which matches my choice. A card is always great , especially if it is fully personalized and customized. So I launched GIMP, and started to think and experiment. I am trying to describe how I made the card/wallpaper with GIMP . I have tried to make it very simple. Yet again I have used the flame effect. I think it is getting monotonic, as a friend pointed out, and I should try something new and different. Please let me know your comments :) .

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