So, people are into python. Hmm it seems that it is pretty useful stuff. Even Sebastian Thrun codes in python (knew it from Udacity) :D. I think python with the statistical, numerical and graph plotting packages or using Octave (no money for Matlab and its not FOSS) will be very helpful for me to quickly implement prototypes for different applications of learning algorithms and test them. I dislike the inability to pass a reference in R which is the thing stopping me loving R, else i would have stayed with R, it has a vast set of packages and the plotting is very good. Although i am trying to love R through its R5 classes and through the C/C++ interface, although trying to love through the C/C++ interface resulted in a big thrashing (see ouch report in SO). Without pointers/references i feel kind of helpless, disabled. But possibly in the last semester whatever i code will be in Java. But at the end of the day i always like to do whatever in my mother formal language (note: my mother natural language is Bengali) . When sometimes it seems a bit pain with C, i move to C++. The main problem is that except C, i need to keep a manual open in hand (tabs) to code stuff and refer the library functions and the classes. Without manuals i am almost blind. I don’t think this there is anything to worry about it, because overfitting on the training set does not ensure high accuracy on the test set … uh … sorry … i mean that spending a lot of time reading the syntactic constructs and library functions and making yourself a “theoretical” language construct expert and code trick stuffs, that is the *WoW* codes expert does not always make you enable actually code stuffs, because in long codes the *WoW* code will turn into ***** code, which you neither can modify nor can remove easily in the fear of breaking whatever is working, and can only curse on it and yourself. But yes, definitely a good knowledge about the library functions will help code faster, but I think it can be acquired while working, you refer the manual once when needed, then from the next time, you will not require it much. Well, this is how i calm my mind actually.
Just now i realized that the post got a bit too long.


3 thoughts on “Language Problem: Hmm…

  1. Python is beautiful. You’re going to have to trust me on this — it’s just such a spectacular language. Guido van Rossum (the creator) really knew what he was doing.

    There are easily importable libraries for EVERYTHING. I have almost completely forsaken all other languages in favor of Python because whatever they can do, Python does prettier.

    I still love me some Java and C++ now and again, though.

    1. I feel that python is a really useful stuff. I hope i get python in my reflexes. Although i feel R/Octave will be really useful for fast prototype implementation for the time being, while i do not get into python libraries. Although i can never leave C/C++ . By I think i should seriously give some time to python and get into it formally.
      Thanks for dropping by.

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