Cricket World Cup 2011 Logo I was keeping myself updated and was watching portions of the matches casually but I started watching the matches seriously from the semi-finals. The Ind v Pak match was a fine one (although the next day was one final examination). India-Pakistan matches have always been high-voltage matches. After defeating Pakistan I was feeling like it was the 2003 world cup, India again in the finals. 2003 final match was a painful memory, India was loosing from the very first moment. But in 2011 things have changed Australia is eliminated, and India is the one to do this cleaning job.

Cricket World Cup 2011 Final match India vs Srilanka was now has started. Srilanka did a very slow start and could not have a good run rate till the end, but at the end they have reached the score which they should not be allowed to score. The extreme economic Zaheer Khan suddenly became costly. But in this innings Srilanka played well especially Jayawardene, but at that time it was comforting that atleast they could not get any closer to the 300 run mark. I thought that the runs in the batting powerplay is a bit too much, and is the sole cause of putting up that 274 on the board.
I got up after the innings ended, and had walked round in the house. Whatever you say there is always a bad feeling inside yourself when such things are going on. Some people say do ‘think positive’ but thinking positive relax the mind which is very bad, and might gain a fake over confidence. Alertness was needed to follow the match.

Next innings I decided to start watching the match a bit late, as I felt there are going to be early shocks, which are almost impossible to bear. But they could not be avoided, the loud commentary on the other room told what was going on. I suddenly found the heart near the stomach, because India losing the finals and some one tieing me up and shooting me on the head are interchangeable phrases, in both the cases there is nothing I can do. What ever it be we should always be with the team.

When I resumed watching it was 32-2 , and Srilanka has not found a trapdoor in their backyard to the world finals, neither India has bought a ticket to the finals, so the match must be on. Watching carefully, and thinking analytically gave enough confidence. Gambhir anchored and we were going with the correct pace. It was very good to see India not choking and playing calm. Whatever be the asking rate, the run rate was better than the Lankans, which means that if such a pace is maintained then less run needs to be scored in the batting power play, or the absolute pressure play in this case. They were playing fantastic and keept the run and the balls balanced, around 6 rpo. Then I got the idea. It was to go with the balls slowly and at the end some sudden jerks to clean up. But such ideas from my mind are extreme unlucky so i tried to concentrate elsewhere to clear this idea from the mind.

The third wicket fell, Virat, was a great catch. The fall of Gambhir was stunning. Was there any need of such an attempt ? Fell at 3 short. What ever, Gambhir has set up the platform. Now the captain and Yuvraj Singh. Last day vs Pakistan, when Yuvraj came in, i was thinking that if now Yuvraj gets out then what would happen, and the first ball i first thought it was a replay. But there they were, the run rate was kept up, taking 1s and 2s, and in between a four to release some pressure. The balls:runs was kept almost 1:1 until the last jerks came, one four, two four and at last the extreme six. Nothing more to say. End of Match. Start of Glory.

Link to India vs Srilanka Cricket World Cup 2011 Finals  Score Card


4 thoughts on “Cricket World Cup 2011

    1. Today’s never give up attitude of the Dhoni brigade was actually injected by him.Undoubtedly he is the creator of the modern “Team India” from the Indian Cricket team.He also backed up some of the players of that time under his captaincy suffering from poor form who have become superstars in the world cup winning team.
      We missed you too….dada.

  1. Yes…Fantastic victory.It is a fact that when Sri Lanka had put up a score of 274 they started to believe that they can take the trophy to their country after 15 years,since the history tells us in world cup finals:
    1.No team has ever successfully chased such a big total.
    2.Only twice in 9 world cup finals a team has been able to successfully chase a total,once the Ranatunga lead Lankans and the another was the Aussies at 1999 lead by Steve Waugh.
    3.No player had ended up in the losing side after having scored a century in the WC final,what Mahela did.
    But the Indians had some other thought in their mind.Although to loose Sehwag without scoring and the in form Tendulkar also a little cheaply after having made a good start was a big blow.Lasith Malinga at that time was really looking unstoppable.But ever since Gambhir and Kohli got together the things started to look fine for the Dhoni brigade.Gambhir was not quite enjoying his game from the beginning.He was dropped at long off by Nuwan Kulasekara when he was just 30.But still the two indians must be credited for the priceless 83 runs’ partnership they put up.Kohli was looking good until he gave a return catch to the most safe handed T.M.Dilshan who made no mistake to put up a blinder.
    Now the game is on,Yuvraj the man in form was dropped down the order by the captain cool probably to maintain the left-right hand combination.He was always looking to bat through and paced his innings so well so that even bowlers like Murali was there,the required run rate never went beyond our control.No half measures in that innings from Dhoni and also Gambhir got his eye well set by that time.Thankfully they put up a century run partnership that probably set up a perfect platform for an Indian victory.For that course the Gambhir dismissal did not turn out to be very costly for us.When he was bowled by Parera just 52 of 52 was needed.To miss a world cup 100 by just 3 runs and at the same time throwing your wicket away is a big personal disappointment,but nobody will blame him for that since he had done an extraordinary job as he did in the 2007 T20 world cup final against Pakistan.The Lankan spinners did not get the expected bite from the pitch and also the late evening dew factor came in to play that went India’s way.The rest of the time it was all India.The captained accompanied by the man of the tournament took his team closer and even closer to the victory and finally sealed the match with a huge six….
    No prize to guess what happened next….it was the moment,the big moment for every Indian.And who’s in the top of the world?It’s none other than the Maestro,one who had to wait 6 world cups to achieve this thing.The man who had got everything except the World cup finally has his glory in front of his home crowd and home members.God of Cricket in the thrown of his paradise,his dream comes true,as so ours.2nd April was already a red letter day in the history of Indian cricket as we won the so called Prudential Cup in 1983,but never the less this victory will also be written in the History of Indian Cricket in golden words.Proud to be an Indian….”DE GHUMAKE!!!!!!!!!!”

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