We entered a Cafe Coffee Day shop a bit away from the main road clutter near Bejoygarh, to get better ambience than the loud SouthCity Shopping mall outlet. We selected a corner and had a seat, and waited for the menu card. It seemed like we are invisible because the menu card was distributed to the other tables occupied after our arrival. We were joking on the significance of a drink named “xxx” displayed on the case, suddenly the menu card came, with an apology from the waiter. Till then we have realized that this branch had a loud music and as a result the people were loud too. My friend selected a cold coffee, called the “Devil’s Own” and I decided to order an espresso. The table was a bit uncomfortable so we changed to another one and called the waiter to place the order. I was stunned when the waiter replied “Sir, we don’t take orders”, the next sentence completed what he actually wanted to say, “Sir, we are actually trainee and junior and are not allowed to take orders”. After some other senior came we placed the order for the cold coffee and espresso and two hot dogs. I forgot the name of the cold coffee we ordered, The waiter asked if we would like to add an icecream to the “Devil’s Own” (which eventually also adds an integral value to the bill). The waiter told me “The espresso would be strong sir” , i told “yes, very strong” .

We were chatting for a long time, and have started to feel the long serving delay. After almost say 20 mins, suddenly a plate was put on the table with two pieces of something. After closely inspecting, it looked like a hotdog. We ordered two hotdogs, now they have served one plate and nothing else with two pieces of something on it. After some more time,  my friend called a waiter and informed that we have ordered two hot dogs, and if this was it. The waiter told “Actually sir, this is one hotdog we have cut this in two pieces” , we requested for the other pair. The cold coffee came in after some more time. After some more time, another cut-in-half pair of hotdog-look-alike arrived. At last the espresso arrived, but i was disappointed with its temperature, it was only warm. My friend realized he will need a spoon, which was missing, to eat the cream on the coffee. The spoon came, my friend said “Thank You”, the waiter asked “Another one?” , we told “No… Thank you!” . After biting the hotdog we could not find the hot dog inside the wrap, and the actual food looked totally differed from the image showed in the picture, so did the taste. We finished the food and the drink, and paid the bill, and went out.

The management of this chain was not so good, too many trainees at such a busy time in Durga Puja, and needs much more efficiency and professionalism, also the food needs to be better, the fragmented servings were very bad, the warm espresso was a disappointment. The SouthCity branch has far better management, the Hazra branch is also good, but next time we would try out Barista.


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    Here is an old post from the “other blog”. The Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) are growing like mushrooms all over the city, and the degradation in quality and service is noticeable. This post was from 2010, but in recent days too I have faced inconsistencies in the service in different parts of my city, and also in some other parts of India. This is one the experiences I wrote during the festive season of Durga Puja in 2010.

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