One fine day I got a phone call from my friend. He told me a good method to save memory space of his mp3 player which he worked out. The process was something like this: Create a playlist with all songs, remove all songs, and keep only the playlist which consume minute memory.
And oh, the next day he had to come to my place to get the songs back (the last step of the process I guess).


3 thoughts on “Playlist Compression Joke

  1. Hi Phoxis…. I also faced a similar situation with memory management when one of my friends asked me for the site from where he could download more RAM as his system was running damn slow…

  2. Goutam Mandal: Thanks for making me remember, a computer repair man checked the computer of my friend (i was also there) and told that the 256MB ram he had, had decreased to 128MB and he will need to buy a new one.

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